i possessed you


get the fuck out


damn...aight...rude ass bitch...i just need a place to stay my girl kicked me out and i aint got no money...


shit man, you can stay but don't be spinning my head like an owl and shit

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i love this show
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Rest in Power

The Messiah

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz

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LaTavia Roberson & her baby girl Lyric
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Just in Time for Pride: All Spring the Boi(s) Team has been working diligently to bring you the PRINT VERSION of Boi(s) Magazine straight to your doorstep. We have seen Trials and Tribulations, we have stumbled but we have never given up. Wednesday our Dream becomes a Reality. We Have Designed 3 covers from you to chose from featuring @sheilathedesigner @uptown_inked and @themodeljah We have taken our best stories, our favorite photoshoots, and some great fashion tips and put them in one issue. This is the first time in history Dominant Women will be able to own a magazine that is built and Designed with them in mind. Boi(s) Magazine - 

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BillieJr - The Evolution

Model and Photo Credit: @billi3jr
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Boi(s) Magazine - Where Girls Can Be Whatever They Like - Labeled: Awesome!


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