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American Horror Story: Freak Show  (2014)

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White kids start a riot in NH over a pumpkin fest, injuring people and setting shit on fire = haha college kids having too much fun.

Black people protesting a murder = out of control raging violent thugs.

Oh. Tell me again how racism doesn’t exist.

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No literally

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Arctic Monkeys - ‘Do I wanna know’
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im in love bye
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Go West Young Man, Keith Piper, 1987
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Food tastes different when you’re on an airplane. The atmosphere dries out your nose, the air pressure numbs 1/3 of your taste buds, and low humidity levels give you cotton mouth. Even if airlines provided gourmet food, it would still taste like dirt after take-off.  Since you can’t be expected to eat pretzels with cotton mouth, you might as well just drink your dinner.  Source
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Good Vibes HERE
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